Dr. Harting currently holds teaching positions at:

Western High School - CCSD Las Vegas, NV


Jeremy Harting



Ithaca College

Jeremy is a superb teacher.  Regardless of my level of preparation for each lesson (though I try my best to be well prepared),  Jeremy is always able to make insightful comments that are supremely helpful.  He holds musicality above all else and is one of the most musical, clear and patient teachers I have ever had.

There are not enough words to explain just how incredible Jeremy has been as a teacher.  He has gone above and beyond the call of duty, literally giving me double lessons each week to prepare for my recital.  As a pedagogue, I could not ask for anything more.  Every minute of every lesson has significantly impacted my playing in the most positive way.  He continuously shows his passion and love for teaching music and that passion is so inspiring.  Thank you so much for everything!

Jeremy is a great instructor.  In the short time I have been here, I feel that I have improved my playing tenfold.  My interest in the study of the guitar has been greatly increased, and I couldn't be happier.  I am very confident in Jeremy's teaching ability for any future positions he may hold.

Jeremy's lessons were overall very helpful and I believe that I improved greatly under his guidance.  He allowed me to find pieces, which interested me.   He allowed me to focus on these pieces rather than assigning works that I would not have cared for.  He was also very helpful in helping me improve my technique overall.
Jeremy is a very knowledgeable and sensitive teacher.  He is especially good at hearing and interpreting students' performances.  He is very patient with struggles and giving good advice.

Jeremy Harting has done a phenomenal job filling in for Pablo Cohen while he is on sabbatical.  Not only did Jeremy adapt very quickly, but his teaching style works well with many kinds of students.  He has a broad base of knowledge and is able to explain difficult concepts and musical ideas with ease.  He has a grasp of both macro-level details (musical styles) and technical minutia.  Overall, I have been very happy thus far to have him as a teacher for my final year.

Saint Joseph's University

Jeremy has a passion for teaching and the subject matter.  He seems to really care about my progress.

Jeremy has a very positive attitude and commitment to the students and their varying skill levels.

Eastern University

He was great and approachable.

Professor was enthusiastic and engaged the class very well

Private Students

Jeremy has been a fantastic guitar instructor on a number of levels. He’s extremely familiar with a broad range of music suited to a wide variety of ability levels in playing, but more importantly, he’s consistently able to understand where a student is and get them to and beyond where they would like to be in their evolution as a musician. He is consistently supportive and encouraging, seeming to intuitively know when to relax the bar and when to raise it. Being from a community which includes a world-renown school of music, I’ve had the good fortune to explore a variety of instruments with a variety of instructors. Jeremy is easily the best instructor with whom I’ve worked. He has consistently engaged my interests and my abilities where others watched them fade. Although I am incredibly busy with my own work, whenever I see my guitar I still want to pick it up and play. This is largely due to Jeremy’s skill as an instructor.

Jeremy showed a sincere interest in the music I wanted to learn and helped me understand the techniques behind it. He was punctual and prepared for our lessons, and even made himself available outside of business hours. His encouraging demeanor was always inspiring for my progression. I found Jeremy’s style to be extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and fun! I’d strongly recommend Jeremy Harting to anyone looking to learn or improve in guitar.

Jeremy can teach you what you want to know. The only thing that you have to do is listen to him. I got into playing the guitar last year and came to Jeremy to give me a jump start. Before I met Jeremy, I was lost in the endless amount of information that guitar forums can give you. Once I started lessons with Jeremy, I gained something that every beginning guitarist needs: direction. After a couple months with him, I figured out what I had to do as a beginning guitarist in order to become an advanced guitarist. I have to say though, the only reason why Jeremy and I were successful was because I listened to what he told me. If you listen to what he has to say, you WILL become a better guitarist. It's all up to you. Take it from me, being a guitar player is something that takes dedication which means you need to put in the time. I mean, listen to him play. He knows what he's talking about.

I enjoyed having Jeremy as a mandolin teacher. He was very patient with me. He made sure that I was going in the right direction with my music. And, he taught me songs that I enjoyed playing!!

I could not be happier with the results of Jeremy's work with my daughter, Sage. I truly feel that he has helped instill in her a love for music, in general, and for the mandolin, in particular. I appreciate Jeremy's patience and persistence with my daughter. He knew how to support her in her struggles while challenging her to learn new music with a bluegrass flair. Thanks to Jeremy's inspiration, Sage decided to attend the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Camp last summer and is anxiously awaiting next summer's session. Thank you, Jeremy, for your dedication to my daughter's musical growth!